Grażyna Wojcieszko – is the author of six poetry collections and short stories collected in three anthologies. One of the most frequently translated contemporary Polish poets. Laureate of many nationwide Polish literary contests. She made her debut in 2000 with the collection In waiting.  In   Carousel (2005), and then in the bi-lingual  poem  The slaughterhouses of Brussels/ Les abattoirs de Bruxelles (2008), the artist defined her identity as a poet: radically overturning words, in stubborn pursuit, drilling down and reaching beneath the skin of reality, under the wallpaper of illusions and delusions — to the heart of the matter.

Long periods of time spent in the Bory Tucholski area inspired Grażyna to write the poems collected in the volumes The Tramway Dream (2013), Incantation (2016),  and the short story collection Animalki (2018). The French editions of Rêve de tramway and Envoûtement, translated by Alain van Crugten, are associated with the Collection Planètes initiative, which brings together exceptional poets from different parts of the world. The series was published by the Paris publishing house Éditions Caractères.

The collection Incantation won the Grand Prix in the VIII ‘Granite Arrow’ Polish Poetry Contest in 2016, and also found itself on the list of finalists of the II Contest in the name of Tymoteusz Karpowicz. The collection Animalki are so-called little pictures — short stories serving as potraits of typical characters in a given collective, concentrated on detail. This picture-world mainly describes, in the form of dialogues, the woman-animal drama.

Grażyna Wojcieszko’s poems inspired Paweł Deska — an artist who created the two animated films Cornflowers and Poppies and Who you are. These then became the inspiration for Mai Koman — author of a music video based on the piece Flying away.

Invited to many international poetry festivals, of which the most important are Spring of the Poets in Luxemburg/ Le Printemps des poètes, the Parisian Poetry  Market/ Le marché de la poésie, and also the poetry festival in Canada Festival International de la Poésie de Trois-Rivières.

The poet is a graduate of the tenth anniversary year of Literary-Artistic Studies at the Jagiellonian University. Along with her friends from the year, she started the informal literary group Piórnice. Between 2013–2015 she fulfilled the position of President of the Association of Graduates, Lecturers and Listeners of those studies. With an MA in artificial intelligence, graduate of the prestigious French universities Paris-Sud and Pierre-et-Marie-Curie;  she was employed by the European Commission in Brussels until 2018, managing scientific research projects. Presently manages the Foundation czAR(T) Krzywogońca — a place for creative meetings and artistic activities. Within the framework of the foundation she initiated the Golden Bee national poetry contest, thanks to which she created a new publishing house Forest Bee, containing lyric poetry by contemporary poets, inspired by nature.